We source your provisions from a variety of supermarkets, wholesalers, local fisherman and farmers and deliver them straight to your vessel. We go directly to the fisherman so get lovely fresh fish, lobster and conch and we have our own herb growers, so can supply the freshest herbs – going directly from the ground to your boat in less than an hour.

For sourcing your provisions locally, the longer you give us, the better the chance we have of getting what you want. Also, in sourcing locally, we are subject to the limitations inherent in provisioning in Grenada, chief among them the varying availability of imported produce at different times of the week. The choice and quality of imported fresh fruits and vegetables is best toward the end of the week, specifically Thursday/Friday, thus if you would like your provisions on a Thursday - Sunday, we stand the best chance of getting you what you want. If you want your provisions at any other time of week, the chances of getting what you want start to decrease from Monday, with the worst time of week being Wednesday to get provisions. We also must warn you, if your provision requests have large amounts ("large amounts" are considered a case or above) of any single imported fresh fruit or vegetable, we may not be able to fulfill this locally, as there is limited stock of imported fresh fruits & vegetables and distributors / supermarkets will not save large amounts for any single purchase.

If you require large amounts of fresh fruit / vegetables, it may be best to allow us to import them for you.

Additionally, around the Christmas period... there is an increased demand on the imported fresh produce and provisions in general, in Grenada, thus we urge you to plan ahead as much as possible around Christmas. It may be best to consider having us import your provisions around this time, to ensure getting exactly what you want, especially if the amounts required are large. If your lead time is short or if you are willing to have us provision, locally, for you around Christmas, please give us the maximum time possible in which to provision by getting your order to us as soon as you can. Christmas is an extremely busy period for us and of course we operate on a "First Come, First Served" basis.

So let us know all your food requirements: whether it is fish, seafood and meat (either fresh or frozen), fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh locally-grown herbs, dairy items and/or dry goods that you require.

You can order your fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs & dairy from here: you can download our list of fresh produce that is reliably found in Grenada, fill in your order and email it back to us as an attachment.

We also provision all other food you may require – for that please contact us directly.

Download Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs List PDF SPREADSHEET

Download Food List PDF SPREADSHEET



You can order your water, soft drinks / mixers, juices, beer and liquor from here: you can download our list of these drinks that are reliably found in Grenada, fill in your order and email it back to us as an attachment.

Contact us to request a list of the majority of wines available in Grenada. There are other wines available on-island too, so if you don't see what you want on this list, email us a list of what you want and we will source it for you. We are not limited to any specific wine purveyors on-island, we source from the entire island. If you wish, we can also fly in your wines for you.

For wine & any other drinks that you do not see listed (or if you do not wish to use our order form) please send us an email with everything you require. Don't forget to include exact quantities for all items!

Download Drinks List PDF SPREADSHEET


Our Specialties

We stock Scottish salmon and smoked salmon that come straight from the foot of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands – we import it fresh and offer it to our customers before flash-freezing the rest. We always have it in stock, so do ask and if you are lucky you may need some when we are importing it so can get it before it ever sees a freezer!

We also keep a stock of high-end vacuum-packed fish – specifically mahi-mahi, tuna saku, grouper and red snapper – just in case the seas are too rough around Christmas (or the fishermen have been celebrating too hard!) for good fishing!

We are also the sole distributor for Island Oasis – The World’s Finest Frozen Drink!! Whether your steward wants a strawberry Daiquiri with a consistent flavor every time or your chef wants a variety of tropical flavours for her desserts when mangoes are out of season in Grenada, Island Oasis delivers consistent flavours so your cheesecakes, finishing sauces, salad dressings and cocktails have the same flavor every time, so when your guest likes what they taste, they can be assured that their next one will meet their expectations.

Island Oasis

Specialty Items

Are there any items that you would like us to source and fly in for you, even if quite rare? We are up for the challenge! In the past, for example, we have been asked to locate extremely rare bottles of wine for a specific occasion & we had our contacts abroad source them from wherever they were (even in one case where the wine was so rare it was not available on the regular market - only in the cellars of wine collectors) and we flew them in for very happy customers. Of course, the more notice we have for sourcing specialty items, the greater our chances of locating exactly what you want and getting it here at a precise time.


Imported Provisions

Local Agent for National Marine Suppliers, Yacht Chandlers, Grateful Palate & more.

Although we offer a full provisioning service, including sourcing items aboard from our own foreign suppliers & flying them in just for you, you may prefer to use one of the standard yacht provisioning specialists e.g. National Marine Suppliers, Yacht Chandlers, Grateful Palate, Superyacht Supplies or others, for your provisions. If this is the case, you will need a local agent to land, clear & transport your orders from these companies and we are just the agent to do so!

We have established relationships with all of the above companies and can do everything for you from actually putting in your order with them, right through to delivering the goods right to your yacht.

If you place your own order with any of these companies and would like us to land and clear the order for you, kindly send us a courtesy copy of your entire order, as there are certain licenses we have to apply for locally to import some items, namely fish / seafood, meat & produce (fruit & vegetable) licenses. Most of these licenses are free, but require paperwork and legwork, which take time, so please give us as much advance notice as possible.

If you place your own order with any of these companies, please let them know that we are your agent in Grenada, who will be receiving the order, as if you have produce on your order, a phytosanitary certificate is required for importation into Grenada and our company name - Spronk Ltd - must be included on the phytosanitary certificate. Don't worry - these companies will organise the phytosanitary certificate for you, you just have to supply them with our company name so they know who to make out the certificate to and, of course, who to consign the shipment to. (Please see our Contact Information for our Shipping Address)

Of course, you can also use some of the above companies for your galley / interior ware and for your parts. We again, as your agent in Grenada, can land, clear & transport these shipments direct to your yacht. Please see our page on Parts Procurement & Courier Service.