If you intend on berthing or anchoring in the Port of St. George, it is imperative that you contact us in advance of your arrival, as there is a mandatory requirement for all vessels 200 gross tons and above to have a pilot from Grenada Ports Authority onboard upon entering and leaving the Port of St. George. Pilots require 24 hours notice in advance of the vessel's arrival and 3 hours in advance of the vessel's departure.

We will request the pilot on your behalf and notify him of your arrival and departure times. We ask that you send us a copy of your Ships' Registration as soon as possible, together with your arrival information, so that we may complete the process for procuring you a pilot. Then, when you arrive outside of the Port of St. George, you can radio to "Grenada Pilot" or "Grenada Port Control" on VHF 16 to contact the pilot and let him know you are ready for him.

Important Note: once we have completed outbound Clearance for you, you have 24 hours to depart our waters. Similarly, upon entering our waters, you have 24 hours to be cleared into Grenada.

Also, ask us about our service that offers inbound and outbound Clearance from our sister island of Carriacou. Since Carriacou is nationally part of Grenada, once you clear in or out of Carriacou, you do not have to clear again in Grenada.